Maakob Droobie

goblin attorney at law


Haughty, decrepit and ugly goblin attorney at law. Greedy and corrupt, in other words, a model goblin.

Dressed in shabby dandy’s clothes and wearing a white powdered wig. Carries a purse with 5 gold pieces, parchment / ink, a goblin-king order for the interrogation of the pcs in regard to the murder of 3 goblins and trespass into the king’s territory.

MV 60` (20`)
AC 6
HP 6
#AT 1 (weapon)
THAC0 19
DG 1d6 or weapon
SV 0 human
ML 7


Began interrogation of Ktimlaek about an incident of trespass and murder of goblin soldiers. Interrupted by the Mudflat Sherrif Drapek and while they argued about Droobie bugging visitors to the town, ktimlaek slipped out of town.

Maakob Droobie

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